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Grab & Go Gluten Free Menu

                           By Delicious Details


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Our favorites ready to heat and serve.

Call 830-997-7879 for availability.

Delivery is available for additional fees

(Can be frozen)

     Gluten Free Menu Items!!


      10”   Pizzas:                 


Pepperoni & Meatball      




Spicy Vegetable




Chicken & Basil Pesto




Chicken Enchilada Casserole


Serves 2




        Brown Rice Pasta with Meatballs & House-made Smoked Marinara


Serves 2




Chicken Alfredo Pasta


Serves 2




Chicken Pot Pie Casserole


Serves 2




Beef Lasagna


Serves 2




Chicken & Balsamic Peppers with         Lemon Parmesan Rice


Single Serving




                    Chicken Fried Steak                    (ready to pan fry/prepare at home)


Single Serving (7-8 oz size)




Scalloped Potatoes


Serves 2




Artichoke Spinach Dip


Serves 10-12




Glazed Chocolate Cake with Cherries


Single Serving




Classic Cheesecake


Single Serving




      Classic Cheesecake with topping       (strawberry, peach or blackberry coulis)


Single Serving




             Chocolate Almond Torte                   with Raspberry Mascarpone Cheese


Single Serving